The Healthy Choice

We are justly proud of our track record of excellence with our focus on healthy, nutritious, multicultural home-style meals made fresh that children love, while taking tradition and innovation into the 21st Century.

Using recipes perfected over 30 years ago, we use a unique combination of top quality ingredients, traditional cooking styles and a state-of-the-art facility.

Yummy Catering has made significant changes to our menu since 2006 to include a low sodium and low sugar diet and with the use of sodium and sugar free items on our menu. We also have incorporated into our menus the use of whole grain and whole wheat items such as; pastas, fresh breads, sugar free whole wheat carrot muffins, multigrain nachos and whole wheat apple loaf. The menus present the children with a variety of healthy foods with appealing color, texture and taste.

Yummy Catering has created excellent snack ideas for our menu, such as egg salad on whole wheat crackers, fresh tomato bruschetta on whole wheat baguette and turkey rollups. They are small nutritious mini meals rather than nutrient empty, high calorie snacks. Healthy mini meals help to deliver important nutrients to children in order that they can meet their nutrient requirements over the day.

We continue to add organic products to our blue menu. Some of the organic products include fruits and vegetables, chicken, yogurt, crackers, quinoa, rice cakes, spelt lemon snaps, cereal, and whole grain pasta to name a few.

(Organic items may vary from different seasonal menus)

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